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RocketFuel $Rpay token is launching soon! Get your tokens in private sale at a discounted price: $0.015 per token, and plug into a world of discounts and benefits. Scroll down to read more.

To purchase the $Rpay token in private sale, you can either use our automated application by clicking here or by emailing us at:

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A real token with a real purpose

Rocketfuel (RKFL) is a US based, publicly listed fintech company allowing its merchants to accept payments in Bitcoin and 120+ other crypto currencies. The RocketFuel token $Rpay is the backbone of the recently announced Rocketfuel loyalty program and will be used as means of payment for offers in the loyalty program and elsewhere. The loyalty program is developed in collaboration with several merchant processing partners, including  ACI Worldwide that collectively process billions of payment transactions for millions of shoppers each month ensuring maximum distribution and utility for the RocketFuel utility token across millions of members of the loyalty program.

Merchants and shoppers will both benefit from the world’s first crypto payments loyalty program. Merchant customers earn RocketFuel $RPAY loyalty tokens on all purchases. Merchants are able to promote goods and services to all members of the RocketFuel loyalty program. Shoppers earn RocketFuel tokens on any purchases across all merchants and can redeem $Rpay tokens on RocketFuel’s marketplace with participating merchants.The RocketFuel loyalty program timing is significant as Metaverse traction gains using modern technologies. Merchants can include NFT technology in promotions to members. Tokens can easily be transferred, shared, remediated or sold.

Rocketfuels’ ecommerce payment product is currently processing crypto payment transactions for shoppers and merchants around the world. The RocketFuel loyalty program is currently available for select merchants and a full release is scheduled for end of 2022.

Simple to use

It is so easy to get your RocketFuel utility tokens. You can pay with debit card, wire or pay with listed crypto.  


As a listed company, RocketFuel has the highest possible security and compliance.

Great discounts

Where do You go to get 50 percent discount on a pair of sneakers?  RocketFuel!

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We provide

A token with real utility and a real use case. RocketFuel
has committed to spending 10 percent of its revenue on the
loyalty program to buy RocketFuel tokens. Experienced management
team with lots of exits gives token holders comfort.

Listing on XT.Com

RocketFuel $Rpay will list on XT.com and on various DeFi exchanges soon.

What we do

RocketFuel is a global payments company allowing merchants to accept payment via 120 different crypto currencies as well as ACH bank transfer with a highly efficient one-click check-out solutions.

Using RocketFuel’s solution focuses on enhanced customer privacy and protection, eliminating the risk of data breach while improving speed, security and ease of use.


To the moon!!! Join us on our journey. Get your RocketFuel tokens in presale Soon.




Countries supported


In pre-sale

What we do

RocketFuel is a global payments processing company, offering highly efficient one-click check-out solutions using Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and bank transfers to merchants and their customers.

RocketFuel’s solution focuses on enhanced customer privacy and protection, eliminating the risk of data breach while improving speed, security and ease of use.

Users are able to enjoy seamless check-out using their favorite cryptocurrencies or direct bank transfers and forget the clunky cart paradigm of the past.

Merchants are able to implement new impulse buying schemes and generate new sales channels unavailable in current eCommerce solutions.

Get yours

RocketFuel $Rpay token is now in private sale. Secure your private sale discount before the launch. To purchase the token in private sale, you can either use our automated application by clicking the button below - Go to https://privatesale.rocketfuelblockchain.com/ or by emailing us at:


and we’ll walk youthrough the process.

The crypto community loves us

RocketFuel gets a lot of love from the crypto community. We thank all for your support! 

We urge all to do their own due diligence
Read white paper and disclaimers carefully
You can sell your tokens at any time!

What others say about us

Very impressed with prospective outcome and general features in the system.

Henry Jones

Always happy to see discounts, so this is fantastic - Love it!

Julia Beisha
Founder - Runcore

The Rocketfuel platform feels very professional and secure.
I'm very happy with my investment.

Majken Nielsen
CEO - Amnes Group

Very fast and friendly support.
Thanx :) 

Torsten Hennessy
Media Consultant

This is definately NOT a sh.. coin!!!

Henery Dawson
Crypto expert

I want more!!!!

Vanessa Graham
Founder - Archway

Very impressive - Hope we can do a collaboration in the future <3

Serina Hammons
CFO - Joindes App

I'm ALL-IN on this . . . . Will be back soon for more, come payday ;) 

Henry Dawson
Brand Ambassador

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers on all the questions
you have regarding the RocketFuel token launch.

What is RocketFuel $Rpay token?

RocketFuel utility token is a means of payment for the RocketFuel loyalty program. The token is created on the Cardano blockchain.

Where can I buy the Rocketfuel Token?

You can buy the RocketFuel utility token in private sale on the BACD.IO platform and later in presale on various defi exchanges and upon launch on XT.COM centralized exchange.

How is my profile kept secure?

RocketFuel does not save or misuse any of your data and follow all GDPR rules and data protection rules.

How to recover my password ?

You simply just put forgot my password, and an email is sent to you, so you can create a new one.

What are the Rocketfuel fees ?

RocketFuel has no trading fees on its utility token.

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